Bill's Dream Garages

Just To Prove That Dreams Can and Do Come True

Size: - 35 ft deep by 50 ft long with 12 ft ceilings

This is Bill Coffey's Dream Garage in Gainesville, Florida. Pictures taken at the "Garage Warming" on 8 Feb. 03, one of the colder days in Gainesville (46 degrees!) Good thing the pictures were taken early - later in the day there were so many cars here you could hardly see the garage!.

Bill had the affair catered, complete with two kegs of draft beer - and even had a Porta-Potty set up out by the garage! (now that's thinking!!)

Garage Warming At Bill's

The Entryway

Z Cars Get Preferred Parking

Looking From The Rear

Some Friends Stay Close To The Fire & Catered Food Service!
(Yes it was cold in Florida this day!)

Inside - Left Side View

Inside - Right Side View

A new Shelby Cobra in the Datsun Z Garage!

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