David's Dream Garage

Just To Prove That Dreams Can and Do Come True

This is David Lohoefener's Dream Garage. 48 feet long by 42 feet wide. The eve height is 10 feet. The garage doors are 8' wide by 9' high. Features a heated floor!!

Shown Below: Here the slab is layed out 48' x 42"

Shown Below: Piping installed for heated floor!

Shown Below: Steel Superstructure with wood purlens - insulates the steel from the outside atmosphere.

Shown Below:Roof is also framed with wood, supported by steel.

Shown Below: Steel Siding Installed

Shown Below:Nice open and HIGH ceiling.

Shown Below: David didn't want his Z to see it's new home, until it was completed!.... and it's not far off now..

Shown Below:Finished before the snow came

Shown Below:A warm Winter Work area... a dream come true.

Shown Below:Inside the work continues both on the Garage and the Z's.

Shown Below:This one is headed toward an "E-Production" future...