Kelly's Z Restoration

Disassembled And Stored In The Garage Since 1976

Engine Work At Z Meca by Jim Frederick

Project Started For The Second Time 14 Aug. 2010
As Of: 18 Nov. 2011
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Below: Firewall Lip Repair. New metal formed and welded in.

Below: Rust Damaged Lip on Right

Below: Same thing will have to be done on this side. The line marks what will be cut out and replaced
with new metal.

Below: Note the brace that ties the floorboard to the back section. White arrows

Below: That brace was rusted on this side - and will have to be replaced.

Below: Rust in the dog leg - and the end of the rocker panel, which has been cut off. Braced inside will
have to be replaced {rusted part}

Below: New rocker panel patch fabricated - and new rear wheel arches on hand.

Below: New Right and Left outer wheel wells.

Below:Rust Damage In Outter Wheel Well and Rocker.

Below: Wilmer and Santos confer on the next process