What Happens When - - Your Wife Gets A New Car!

As Of:: 11 April 2011

For the past 20 years, my wife has been driving SUV's to/from work. As they were Daily Drivers or basic transportation - they sat outside in front of the house - always ready to go. She also had a 1991 Thunderbird Super Coupe - that sat in the garage very seldom driven. In fact she has just 9760 original miles on it at this point. For Sale by the way.

With our Daughter now more or less raised and driving her own car - the utility of the SUV's no longer needed - it was time for my wife to get a new car. Something a little more "sporty" as her Daily Driver. This time however - she informed me that her new car would NOT sit outside. It was time to actually park her car in the garage every evening - YEIKS!!
Below: Vicki's New-To-Her, 2009 M/B E-350

Time To Clean Out The Garage!
Over the years - the garage gathered a lot of junk and the floors were dirty and stained with oil. For that matter there was a lot of accumulated dirt and grim. Can't have the wife walking through all that, before getting in her new car - on her way to work. {she is still working and keeping me in a style to which I have become accustom - retired!}

Cleaning out the garage was the hardest part of this project. Truck loads of saved used parts went to the scrap yard, were sold off or went to the dumpster. It was really hard to let go of all this "stuff"... It got easier and easier with every piece disposed of. Stuff I hadn't seen or used in decades!!
Above: Move everything out - get rid of 1/2 of it and reorganize the other 1/2.

Clean and Paint
Clean, Paint, Throw Stuff Out. Even put a couple of her Posters on the wall!!

Above: Almost ready to put the new Race Deck Flooring in.

WOW !! - That Made A Huge Difference!
A clean floor for her to walk on - that will keep the Cashmere interior of her "Sporty" car clean . More importantly it will keep her happy - and we all know how important that IS!

Above: Putting the Race Deck floor down was by far the easiest part of this project.

Hummm.... Maybe I'll Have To Clean Out The Other Side For That Daily Driver!

Actually - I can put three or four 240Z's in the other half of the garage. Just have to sell the Super Coupe. So many cars - so little space!.

Moved my Blue 72 240Z to the back of the garage.

Finally !! Six weeks later, Vicki is happy with her place in the Garage!!
The Super Coupe is garaged in my rented garage area for now.