First Datsun 240Z Invited To The Amelia Island Concours

Surrounded By Big Money Ferrari and Porshe Classics, I Have To Admit - At First I Kind Of Felt Like A Pair Of Brown Shoes, At At Black Tie Affair. As The Crowds Filed In However, I Found That The Datsun 240Z Was Loved By Most Classic Car Enthusiasts. Met A Lot Of Very Nice People That Day. 14 March 2009

Peter Brock Paying A Visit To His Z. Read The Display Sign Below For Details.

Amelia Island Concour's, Amelia Island, FL. Display Board & License Plate - Which You Get To Keep. NOTE - the People's Choice Number LOL

Of Course Where Would We Be Without Our Friends To Support US?

My Best Friend Vicki And I, At The Amelia Island Concours Charity Ball.

Dr. Richard Lewis, Peter's wife Gayle Brock, Dr. Bill Coffey
Rich and Bill are the Original Owners of their Datsun 240Z's.

Speaking of Friends Supporting The Effort - Here Will Stokes Lends A Hand Polishing The Mag.'s Dulled By The Early Morning Dew
On The Amelia Display Field. It was very foggy and damp in the early morning {6:00AM}.

At The End Of A Very Long And Enjoyable Day - Will Was Still There To Help Load The Z For Its Journey Home.. Thanks Will !