After waiting for too long, it was time to get a lift. Past time really, but over the years I had looked at so many options and none seemed to really fit my needs. Garage is not high enough to put a 4Post in, and 99.9% of the time I did not really need to get the cars that high in the air. After looking at several alternatives on the market - I found the EZCarLift. It really seemed to fit my needs and it offered several other uses as well. Also it is easy to store away, or load in the car hauler for trips away from home.

Below: The lift arrives in two boxes, each about 45lbs.

Below: Unpacked: The 4 Blue Flat Plates are the Vinyl Floor Protection Kit. They simply protect vinyl tile garage flooring. The 4 wheels on the Right allow you to roll the lift around and under the car. The 4 hockey pucks can be used under certain lift points on some cars. The 2 long silver cross bars bolt between the ramps.

The blue bars at the top are for an optional Top that turns the lift into a work table/bench.

Below: Wheels and Cross Bars bolted on.

Below: Next you just flip it over, run it up about 14” and fill the gear boxes with gear oil. There are also Zerk Fittings to apply a grease gun for lubrication.

Below: A closer look at the Ramps. The thick black rubber pads slide easily fore and aft to position them where they need to be for any car.

Below: A closer look at the optional Ramp Extensions. They allow you to increase the length of the ramps from 60” to 68” {needed for my wife’s sedan}.

Below: Slid under the Z - and up about 14”.

Below: Raised up to 20”. This would be a good working height for most things I do. The EZLift can be raised another 6” if needed/wanted. Very stable, and a lot less work than jacking the car up and putting it on jack stands - - to say the least.