Pictures of some of our Z Car Friends that have visited with us here at our home in Clearwater, Florida. (actually it's Largo, Florida now;-)

As of 29 Nov. 2002

Below: Ted, Me, MaryAlice, Fred Buoni and his son Steven

Below: Wayne and Lisa Burstein and the Girls (Nov. 02)

Below: Tom Crise and his Father, Greensboro, NC - (Triad Z Club). 1 Sept. 02. Tom tread us to dinner at the Boston Cooker. ;-)

Below: Jeff and Shannon Flemming,Kingston Ontario, Canada Feb. 10, 2002

Below:John Coffee

Below: Marty Rogan

Below: Jeremiah Axtell and his son Andrew

Below: Rob Roy and his son Andy. (I really shouldn't stand that way, or I'll have to lose some weight!)...

Below:Gerry De Grazia and his wife Sandy

Below:Dave Lohoefener

Below: Bill Greusie from Tallissie, Fl.

A Z Day At Carl's

A bunch of local Z Car People spent the day at my garage. We did a 60K services on a 90+ Z and some brake work on another. Had some spaghetti and generally hung around the garage all day and talked Z Cars;-).
Below: Jim Frederick from Tampa looks over the Z Cars.

Below:Trever Kelly's 300ZX 2+2

Below: Jim Frederick from Tampa, Florida.

Below: Dan Reilly from Tampa with his beautiful 71 240-Z

Another day at Carl's garage - a couple of the 90+ Z's needed new rear main seals.

Below: A Couple of 90+ Z's get new rear main seals

Below: the group takes a break for lunch behind the garage..